Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rain Quotes

You know sometimes I feel like the people in the rain .. Yeahh , sometimes the rain gives me sign before it pours , so that I can get ready and take one or more pre-action .. But sometimes the rain pours out of sudden in no time when I am not even ready .. That's life .. Some things are predictable and we shall know what to do to cope with it , but some things aren't which require us to always be ready ..

By : Exa

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Puzzled By Wise Man Words.

"Imagine of a bread . If we keep it for a week , what would it become, moldy right ? What about keeping it for 2weeks , what will happen ? Even moldier right . If we still keep it for 3weeks , 4weeks and so on , what will happen ? It will shrink , isn't ? And even moldiest . So , that's the thing ."

This word is motivated by ABG ROM ROTTW. But it still a big QUESTION MARK regarding the meanings..
What does he mean by remarking that quote actually ???