Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rain Quotes

You know sometimes I feel like the people in the rain .. Yeahh , sometimes the rain gives me sign before it pours , so that I can get ready and take one or more pre-action .. But sometimes the rain pours out of sudden in no time when I am not even ready .. That's life .. Some things are predictable and we shall know what to do to cope with it , but some things aren't which require us to always be ready ..

By : Exa

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Puzzled By Wise Man Words.

"Imagine of a bread . If we keep it for a week , what would it become, moldy right ? What about keeping it for 2weeks , what will happen ? Even moldier right . If we still keep it for 3weeks , 4weeks and so on , what will happen ? It will shrink , isn't ? And even moldiest . So , that's the thing ."

This word is motivated by ABG ROM ROTTW. But it still a big QUESTION MARK regarding the meanings..
What does he mean by remarking that quote actually ???

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last piece of DOODLE on my exam paper ! ;P

Don't let the light goes out
Don't let those eyes fall close
Don't let us yawn in the morning
Don't let us scream out of stress
But let us yell out of hyper . Hahahhh :DD
Final semester PEOPLE , it's final blast ;P


Saturday, January 15, 2011



Before I’m going to start , I would like to highlight that this song is my
super one fav ever . Heeee .
OHHKK , back again . This song , it should be about a man who had been torn by his past relationship . And the title “UNINTENDED” , maybe it’s because he never thought of being in love again .
After falling out of love from a person he last loved , along , came a girl who caught his love interest , and he fell for that girl unintentionally . But , he’s a little reluctant to make it official somehow . Maybe it’s because he’s not yet able to take away his past from his very mind and heart .
The feeling is heightened here “I'll be there as soon as I can , but I'm busy mending broken , pieces of the life I had before
He’s sorting his life out whilst trying to keep her on-track . And she might be the reason for him to carry on .
Anyway , the new ‘HER’ before his eyes , is like a gift to him . She is the one after his last . She is his UNINTENDED . And to love her , is actually beyond his expectation . Butttt , he did , so ? The only thing is , the girl shoud give him some times and yet to assure him that she will never leave him no matter how hard the situation could possibly be .
PEACE xoxo


Well , this is my second fav . BTW , I heart Hayley Williams darn so fuckn’ muchhhhh .
As you could possibly see in its lyrics , it should be about the impact of divorcement on young children .
And maybe , Hayley points herself in this song .
The girl in the song saw her parent ultimately broke each other’s heart and they ended up divorcing . And since then , the girl have lost her faith in love existence because she never seen it . She thinks that love is easy to fall in and out of a person till she met the one who rotated 180 degrees on the way she think . And he is her ONLY EXCEPTION . She’s opening her heart for love because of him .
And I don’t think I have anything more to say on this :P:P


“Iris” tells us something to learn about life . A lot of spectacular meanings from different humanity views have been implied in this song . Perhaps it tells in a roundabout way . So trynna be wise to decode the meanings . Heee ;););)
Maybe the singer doesn’t want to be seen cause he won’t be understood . But he wants his lover to know that he is exist in this world . And she could possibly be the one who can understand him the most . He only wants her to know who he really is . <333


OHKKK , this one is kinda obvious . It’s about a pair of lover separated during summer and how the guy promises her girl that he’ll always keep in touch with her no matter what happens . And that he hopes to meet up once the school session is back again .
Simple and lovely and I do fancy this song very muchhh cause it’s tenderly sang . Bobby V , Brian Hyland and Jason D , ILYSDM <3333

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reality VS Dream

" Pretty much like when we relate Reality to Dream .. Every so often , to meet the grace of contented , we have always given a bigger ratio towards the indefinite Dream . While towards the present & oncoming phase of Reality , a smaller ratio is given . That being said ; to our every desire and longing , we are limited by our Imagination :)) " - exa