Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Let Me Dream

I dreamt to live in a circle which I can have the freedom of speech over my pure ideas without any sanction and at the same time cutting everyone some slacks to speak their own mind without being detrimental to the realm. Frankly I personally deem many have misinterpreted many things. As per some who deliberately use religion as their driving force to commit absurd and contradictory acts; equate to being worldly idolatry. For not being forgetful to some extent, I also admit there are people who have dynamically rationale and context-dependent point of view unlike terrorist/idolater.
And Louper added: "It’s a problem that plagues every religion. Perhaps teaching people to believe in mythology leads some to zealous delusion."
Since religion is essentially belief-based, I couldn't agree more with him. Nowadays some religion teachings could possibly be a form of mental slavery by disallowing one to question a questionable issue/law/matter. Instead, the teaching itself forcibly block away questionnaires that come along with partial comprehension to feed the truth satisfaction of human mind scale. Clerics and any other authority had set the ideas and principles to be fixed, not amendable and undisputed while many subject-matters are still unfinalized and remain as mere opinions till now. And the unfortunate human never had a chance to use their healthy intellect, or they just chose not to. In my opinion, to blindly follow an ideology is pathetic and is against God-given human's nature.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Self & Diary

January 2013

My ice cream melted down and messed my blouse today. And an old hairy man who sat at the bench beside gave me an annoying look. LIKE I CARE?? It's my blouse, not yours, OLD MAN! And I gave him a look back in anger. But then a little girl yelled at her mom " MOMMY, I want ice cream". "No honey, later you're gonna smear your shirt like her". I quickly turned around trying to find where the voices came from - saw a young mother and her daughter. Well, she turned away when she realized that I've heard of her. But the little girl is still, looking at my ice cream. It's a bad evening today, I got up and started to walk myself home. With headphones on, both hands in my denim pant's pocket, I lazily walk at the sidewalk.. Listening to my favorite The Smith's song and sing along with it. 

"So please, please, please, let me let me let me get I want this time"

Reached home a bit early today, knocked and turned the door knob to unlock the door. Seemingly the door is locked which means there's nobody at home. Took out the key from my washed-out favorite jacket, opened the door slowly, and at a very lower tone, "I am home.."

I went straight to my room and collapsed into the bed. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Figureless smarting
A bunch of dead weight threads
Buried under the corrupt wrap
Pierced by needleless
Drumming the song of vain
Red lights invasion
Should I say snow or autumn?
Cracked the normal code
A so series of swing and whiplash


Monday, May 27, 2013

Dreary Diary Of A Late Night Thinker

Earlier she called
Whispered good baits
Got me hooked, naked
Drifting on and on 
So nude you may behold

Parthenogenesis or something

This orgasm is asexual
Raped my ears
Took charge of my mind
Possessed my soul
And my feet on somewhere so not where the reality is

You're always choking
Destructively they struck you
Always, just always
Should I be the one to back blow you? 
Or am I? All of these times?
Wisdom is all your cure

He really never hover
Restrained but care so much
I don't know what makes us
Speechless, nothing else could beat this beautifulness of mute
We are lions that couldn't be tamed in each other's head
We are lambs that are long forsaken and willing to be slaughtered

.exa nur

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's not new, it continues.
When we were, but we still are.

Yes I love you, I mostly do.
To my dear lady's choice, who I miss the most.

Monday, January 14, 2013

When Alien meets Human

When we look back, there are a lot of things we regret of doing, a lot of places we regret of going, a lot of peoples we regret of knowing, a lot of words we regret of saying, a lot of steps we regret of taking, a lot of sins we regret of committing.. A lot more and more.. Out of those, live the present, learn from past, be grateful of what past has turned you into; more positive and increased-quality human being.

And I feel very lucky to meet you this way, love. Thanks to ALLAH <3>

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writing Seduction

"The Truth Should Never Be Allowed To Live Out Loud"

Ohohh, the very 1st time I ever heard of this line, I've got my cerebrum hooked up! From a song called FRAGILE, sang by SEVEN COLLAR T-SHIRT. I have never been so much looking up into whatever band. My interest is to be set to music. Genre is second. Language is last. Origin? Not in the list. But, one thing to admit is that, only The Strokes can give me an equivalent euphoria similar to orgasm! Haha. Joking. No porn.

Back to the main as aforementioned, this line has so much things to do with me. Well, I just think, some people do think, that truth is sometimes needs to be in the glass jar. Not to be taken out. Not even close to curve out from. Different people with different plateau pattern. Sun up to sun down, things are fickle. Less or more, experience influences a lot in life, and sometimes, a reason is to be diluted, can't be seen, but heart is like a tongue, it 'tastes' almost everything. Reluctant, indifferent, and other siblings of them, are what have been produced from those. Rumor from mind, reminds negatively. Silent makes up satisfaction, to people like us, sometimes. Hiding is an activity. Yet there are beginner, amateur and pro. Truth can never be so right, it's a potential breakup/revolution/war cause. I never intend to make a new principal or new life quote or new philosophy, it's just a line which has caught me up and led me to write something about it. Thank you.