Monday, May 27, 2013

Dreary Diary Of A Late Night Thinker

Earlier she called
Whispered good baits
Got me hooked, naked
Drifting on and on 
So nude you may behold

Parthenogenesis or something

This orgasm is asexual
Raped my ears
Took charge of my mind
Possessed my soul
And my feet on somewhere so not where the reality is

You're always choking
Destructively they struck you
Always, just always
Should I be the one to back blow you? 
Or am I? All of these times?
Wisdom is all your cure

He really never hover
Restrained but care so much
I don't know what makes us
Speechless, nothing else could beat this beautifulness of mute
We are lions that couldn't be tamed in each other's head
We are lambs that are long forsaken and willing to be slaughtered

.exa nur