Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writing Seduction

"The Truth Should Never Be Allowed To Live Out Loud"

Ohohh, the very 1st time I ever heard of this line, I've got my cerebrum hooked up! From a song called FRAGILE, sang by SEVEN COLLAR T-SHIRT. I have never been so much looking up into whatever band. My interest is to be set to music. Genre is second. Language is last. Origin? Not in the list. But, one thing to admit is that, only The Strokes can give me an equivalent euphoria similar to orgasm! Haha. Joking. No porn.

Back to the main as aforementioned, this line has so much things to do with me. Well, I just think, some people do think, that truth is sometimes needs to be in the glass jar. Not to be taken out. Not even close to curve out from. Different people with different plateau pattern. Sun up to sun down, things are fickle. Less or more, experience influences a lot in life, and sometimes, a reason is to be diluted, can't be seen, but heart is like a tongue, it 'tastes' almost everything. Reluctant, indifferent, and other siblings of them, are what have been produced from those. Rumor from mind, reminds negatively. Silent makes up satisfaction, to people like us, sometimes. Hiding is an activity. Yet there are beginner, amateur and pro. Truth can never be so right, it's a potential breakup/revolution/war cause. I never intend to make a new principal or new life quote or new philosophy, it's just a line which has caught me up and led me to write something about it. Thank you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Has Happened

you said it's harder to leave, 
I said let's talk tomorrow
we're not right
apology or willingness can't correct
when everybody is on your side
I just said "sorry everyone" to myself

came some 150 bucks
she said "I need 50" and she took
another story that she told
she refused to help or calm no more
and to her, he didn't settle pretty well
I just think it's 21 years already

today she told me I was like her
and every guy is just the same
forget is hard, remember is harder
we deny to hurt but we couldn't hurt ourselves,too...
you make jokes, and I just laugh

I smoke the cigars in my eyes
I'm doing 60 on the road, but convincing 190
you know it's hard to explain
looks like you're replaying my previous record
10 plans written, 10 plans escaped
mark down on a map and I just ponder
"For everything happened for a reason"
I keep repeating somehow

last night he said what he thought
and to me he just can't be so true
but I don't know what lust is this
at least one reason that makes me calm and warm
they don't know what I'm through
but dear at least you don't hover
space is my need and we never mind
our heads are not right sometimes
those are what we sought
evoke the feelings that we felt
we play strokes's songs and lean on
everyday we repeat one same ending

Saturday, May 19, 2012

ZIP 02600!

I couldn't forget, when remember is less
My ex spurred my innocent adolescent hormones
Adrenaline triggered some actions
Something fathomable, we can understand

Wolfed down in different kind of hunger, 
for Paris I have to come
We've settled in this far
How we did that? Doesn't matter coz we did it

I was so lazy and I was just too tired
to have to think about what we might get
So can't we just stand up?
We've laid for too long, not quite a sin

I fell in the middle
but they said I didn't
people see but people don't know
If I were just like them, won't you tell me I've pissed you off
We are all pissed, and we pissed them all
But I am one of a kind, that you will not know
Behind a curtain, there are still stories

Just like when bread turned into crumbs
I feel just the same
They don't know what is really going on
Somehow I keep it on the low
Yeah, this is the journey

We are all mates
We are all friends
Though sometimes some pretend

We know what we know, we keep what they don't know
Winner sometimes win in a losing, doesn't matter, mate
Sooner or later, we gotta have some clues

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unshaped Photographs

Slippery shoes, they're hard to be mine...
When a pair of balls.. double the ballet silhouette...
While sugar sugar, you're running too far...
How can I get so fly without wings...
Yet I am not light, ironically vague..
As the edge of arrow touches like a velvet...
How ice is an air...
And I look like a coward..
Ghost everywhere, ghost myself...
These lines are worst.. but aren't they relatives?
Now I am watching the snails.. the finishing line seems unseen..
Keep drawing on the soil.. 
While I looked down and fell..
Think of old folks, how spoon is heavy..

Still remember how I was taught in school, this earth is round..
Somehow, the teachers are correct today..

Unfathomable Red, where are those questions?
I wrote 'zero' in the answer sheet..
This time it makes sense..
Cause simple thought goes profound..

Unreal is real..
Words are twisted, so do the imaginations..
But they are relatives, yes they are..
Looked so me..

I know I will be gone, and this will be a legend.. 
To those who concerns.. And imaginary-literate.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life Quotes

"Don't conclude life while you're pursuing it"

"Single turn, can change the wind. Single touch, may change the feeling."

"Sometimes we just wish that we're back in times where we'd started all this. Seems like beginning is easier than ending. Alas, there's no turning point"

"People tends to do something which they already know it's a mistake in the first place."

"I have not learned until I made mistakes then I stay corrected"

"What we want sometimes is not what we need"

"Decision will somehow make you guilty. Trust me"

"Humans are fickle. Even if you spent your whole lifetime to learn about yourself, you'll never understand fully"

"Men are as brittle as a chalk. Don't treat them very hard, else you'll lose them quick"

"If and only if I can turn back times and make my way out of yours."

"When hate surrounds, love is fading"

"Well I know those hate and love are on a same circle, but you drew a thicker hate line on it."

"Regret is nothing when all you do is sitting and the aftermath is spitting"

"Life was non-repeatable play. Life is non-repeatable play. Life will be non-repeatable play."

"When I've made someone my nothing, that means I don't wanna lose him."

"Honoring love above what is not yours."

"I am fake, you're not awake"

"Sometimes you really love someone that you have to let go cause you don't think you can be together, and sometimes you're hoping to be with someone else that you ended up married to a different person! haha. Life is so mysterious. Only God knows, mate."

"You claimed me to be someone different? It's like a dope, trashier version of me. Well, i think you just made your respect poll dropped out. They're all have brains to judge, sweet baby."

"The time you'll bow below your egoism will be the time where I have gone far away"

"I've sat too long that I left crack on the chair . When the mark is obvious , I know you'll think of me ."

"Sugary mouth is a pretend"

"Can u judge my pain in my smile ?"

"For a thousand years , I will still be me ."

"The person you really loved , might just your 'teacher' ."

"Holding hands like you can break a glass when u grasped it too hard . :DD"

"Unnoticeable seconds learnt by lovers"

"Taste the words , sweet and sharp ."

"I won't let myself die in your beautiful mind sweet darling ."

"When people leaves , people realizes ."

"You think you won't cause you don't think that you will ."

"They were just lust cause true-self is profound ."

"You can't see what isn't there."

"Don't warn , I'm warm ."

"The pain will teach you how to become indifferent , mate ."

"I see the hate , only then I'll see love ."

"You can find a lot of pretty girls , but you can't find one like me ."

"I only love after you hate me ."

"A world of luxury given doesn't guarantee my happiness till the end of time. A world of love given doesn't guarantee a love-reply from me."

"Words sometimes, make us calm."

"And when you think you're dead,and there's no solution to deal with your pain, that is suffering."

"If I can make a wish, I just want to sorry and thank you everyone."

"Astray doesn't mean you're a bad person, you're just acclaiming your will without making a long term observation."

"If I can do everything my eyes closed, I swear I will cause every time I open my eyes, you aren't there, but every time I close my eyes, you are everywhere."

"Don't 'lock' what is not yours. Cause you'll be surprised you're actually 'loosening' it."

"You know, life is funny. Most of the people know how they will end up, but still, they make a starting to honor what they want."

"People hate because of love. People love because of hate."

"If I play hard-to-get, they'll say I am behaving like a prom queen. If I play cheap, they'll say I am a show girl. So what should I do now?"

"What I am in right now values double. Beyond all fates and destiny, to God almighty I shall turn."

"No matter how wealthy or how high one's status is , we are not meant to differentiate each other . A little depth on a very piece of land on this earth is all that we need when we die . Don't perceive that you should be treated like highly honored ."