Thursday, May 31, 2012

Writing Seduction

"The Truth Should Never Be Allowed To Live Out Loud"

Ohohh, the very 1st time I ever heard of this line, I've got my cerebrum hooked up! From a song called FRAGILE, sang by SEVEN COLLAR T-SHIRT. I have never been so much looking up into whatever band. My interest is to be set to music. Genre is second. Language is last. Origin? Not in the list. But, one thing to admit is that, only The Strokes can give me an equivalent euphoria similar to orgasm! Haha. Joking. No porn.

Back to the main as aforementioned, this line has so much things to do with me. Well, I just think, some people do think, that truth is sometimes needs to be in the glass jar. Not to be taken out. Not even close to curve out from. Different people with different plateau pattern. Sun up to sun down, things are fickle. Less or more, experience influences a lot in life, and sometimes, a reason is to be diluted, can't be seen, but heart is like a tongue, it 'tastes' almost everything. Reluctant, indifferent, and other siblings of them, are what have been produced from those. Rumor from mind, reminds negatively. Silent makes up satisfaction, to people like us, sometimes. Hiding is an activity. Yet there are beginner, amateur and pro. Truth can never be so right, it's a potential breakup/revolution/war cause. I never intend to make a new principal or new life quote or new philosophy, it's just a line which has caught me up and led me to write something about it. Thank you.

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