Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Has Happened

you said it's harder to leave, 
I said let's talk tomorrow
we're not right
apology or willingness can't correct
when everybody is on your side
I just said "sorry everyone" to myself

came some 150 bucks
she said "I need 50" and she took
another story that she told
she refused to help or calm no more
and to her, he didn't settle pretty well
I just think it's 21 years already

today she told me I was like her
and every guy is just the same
forget is hard, remember is harder
we deny to hurt but we couldn't hurt ourselves,too...
you make jokes, and I just laugh

I smoke the cigars in my eyes
I'm doing 60 on the road, but convincing 190
you know it's hard to explain
looks like you're replaying my previous record
10 plans written, 10 plans escaped
mark down on a map and I just ponder
"For everything happened for a reason"
I keep repeating somehow

last night he said what he thought
and to me he just can't be so true
but I don't know what lust is this
at least one reason that makes me calm and warm
they don't know what I'm through
but dear at least you don't hover
space is my need and we never mind
our heads are not right sometimes
those are what we sought
evoke the feelings that we felt
we play strokes's songs and lean on
everyday we repeat one same ending

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