Saturday, May 19, 2012

ZIP 02600!

I couldn't forget, when remember is less
My ex spurred my innocent adolescent hormones
Adrenaline triggered some actions
Something fathomable, we can understand

Wolfed down in different kind of hunger, 
for Paris I have to come
We've settled in this far
How we did that? Doesn't matter coz we did it

I was so lazy and I was just too tired
to have to think about what we might get
So can't we just stand up?
We've laid for too long, not quite a sin

I fell in the middle
but they said I didn't
people see but people don't know
If I were just like them, won't you tell me I've pissed you off
We are all pissed, and we pissed them all
But I am one of a kind, that you will not know
Behind a curtain, there are still stories

Just like when bread turned into crumbs
I feel just the same
They don't know what is really going on
Somehow I keep it on the low
Yeah, this is the journey

We are all mates
We are all friends
Though sometimes some pretend

We know what we know, we keep what they don't know
Winner sometimes win in a losing, doesn't matter, mate
Sooner or later, we gotta have some clues

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